Caveat Onus: The Complete Poem Cycle by Dave Brinks

The Caveat Onus poem cycle was originally published by a small New Orleans press as four separate books following Hurricane Katrina. The various volumes have since garnered critical praise throughout the country. This is the first edition to combine all four volumes into one edition. Started eight months before Katrina, Brink's poetic meditations on the storm, its aftermath, and the rebuilding and revitalization of New Orleans is poignant, moving, and a poetic marvel.

Reviews from the original books of Caveat Onus:

"The Caveat Onus, for those of us lucky enough to have watched its development, is present in its first installment as a poetry event of consequence - a cycle of poems, geared to al ife & expressed through a system of words & numbers, that could make it (I would dare to predict) one of the significant long poems of our time. Pivoting on the number 13 & never abandoning its symmetries & variations, it charts the works & days of Dave Brinks, citizen of New Orleans before & after the floods, world traveler in the ways that really count." - Jerome Rothenberg

"Interweaving I Ching hexagrammatic measures, Mayan calendar arithmetic & totem animals, and an unwobbling axis mundi as line of flight, the complex architectonics of this superb cyclical poem create a counter-world, an act of sympathetic magic, a harnessing of the destructively chaotic energies of hurricane Katrina. Begun eight months before the storm, then moving through the days & weeks that followed, and now paralleling the rebuilding of the city of New Orleans, Dave Brinks' Caveat Onus series is a poetic and shamanic enactment, as powerful, poetically innovative, and vital in its ways as were Charles Olson's admonitions to Gloucester in the Maximus Poems." - Pierre Joris

"First, look up in perfect silence at the stars, then read this book." - Bernadette Mayer

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Poet Dave Brinks was born and still lives in New Orleans, La. He is the editor of YAWP: A Journal of Poetry and Art, publisher of Trembling Pillow Press, and a founder of The New Orleans School for the Imagination. Brink's poetry has been published in dozens of magazines, journals, and anthologies throughout the U.S and abroad, and his works have aired on NPR's All Things Considered and on PBS's News Hour with Jim Lehrer. Brinks is the recipient of the Louisiana Writers Foundation 2006 award. He has 12 published books of poetry to date.

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ISBN: 978-0-9818088-4-0
240 pages. $19.95
Also available: Signed/limited Hardbound edition 1/52 copies, 26 of which are for sale: $75.00 Reserve a copy now!