Selected Prose and Poetry of Jules Supervielle. Edited with an introduction by Nancy Kline. Translated by Nancy Kline, Patrica Terry and Kathleen Micklow.

“The poet of metempsychoses, of metamorphoses,… of mysterious telepathies, thanks to which all things communicate invisibly, exchanging their fluids and their messages.”
—Marcel Raymond

This collection by the Uruguayan-born French poet Jules Supervielle (1884–1960) contains ten tales and two chapters from his memoir, Uruguay, along with seventeen poems. His tales and poems are exhilarating, spun out as they are in his distinctive voice: transparent, forthright, tender, funny, poignant, sometimes bitingly satiric, by turns lyrical and abrupt. Though still relatively unknown in the English-language world, Supervielle’s works have been canonized in the prestigious Bibliotecque de La Pleiade editions and many of his titles have remained in print to this day.

Edited, and with an introduction by Nancy Kline, all poems are presented in French and English; the prose appears only in English. Translated by Nancy Kline, Patricia Terry, and Kathleen Micklow.

“In Supervielle's dizzingly fluid poetic universe--where boundaries blur between earth and sky, sea and land, nymphs and trees--the membrane that connects and seperates the living and the dead is permeable, but not entirely; often to their mutual sorrow. All human yearnings to the contrary, we lose our dead, as we are lost to them, and what remains between us is our absence from each other. Our relationship is characterized by hopeless longing and mutual inaccessibility."
— From the introduction by Nancy Kline

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